I’ve written for the Guardian, the BBC’s Ouch website, the Mirror, The Huffington Post, YanoArts DeskDisability Arts OnlineThe Hearing Times and One in Seven magazine.

In 2012, I set up the deaf blog The Limping Chicken which so far has gained nearly 6 million views, posting blogs by over 300 Deaf people. In 2013, I broke the news of the ‘fake interpreter’ at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service through the site.

I have appeared on  BBC Breakfast NewsRadio 4, this BBC trending video, the BBC Ouch podcast, and filmed this lipreading test for BBC Ouch.

You can read some of my articles below:

Limping Chicken

As Editor of Limping Chicken, I write articles regularly, read my latest by clicking here.

The Guardian

Why soaps can’t compete with Facebook for continuing drama
The Guardian, TV & Radio blog, Feb 2015
Disabled people aren’t here to inspire you
The Guardian, Comment is Free, Feb 2015
Usher Syndrome: ‘Don’t define me by a condition I happen to have’
The Guardian, G2, May 2014
How long before a deaf person dies in hospital for want of an interpreter?
The Guardian, Comment is Free, January 2014
Mocking an interpreter for deaf people is no joke
The Guardian, Comment is Free, December 2013
Hearing Dogs: ‘She is my ears’
The Guardian, G2, October 2013
“I took my dad for granted”
The Guardian, Family, April 2013
Deaf footballer Daniel Ailey says abuse he received is “same as racism”
The Guardian, Society, February 2013
Communication barriers in sex education put deaf people at risk
The Guardian, Society, December 2012
How a deaf film-maker’s career hit new heights at the Paralympics
The Guardian, Careers, December 2012
Deaf voices are natural, so why are they still mocked?
The Guardian, Comment is Free, November 2012
Stem cell deafness breakthrough won’t kill off the deaf community
The Guardian, Comment is Free, 14th September 2012
The Paralympic Games is a missed opportunity for deaf athletes
The Guardian, Comment is Free, 6th September 2012
Do senior managers do enough to support people with disabilities?
The Guardian, Careers blog, 1st August 2012
The web presents deaf and disabled people with a digital glass wall
The Guardian, Comment is Free, 12th June 2012
What’s it like to work in an office when you are deaf?
The Guardian, Careers blog – 31st May 2012
My career as a partially deaf writer
The Guardian, Careers blog – 14th March 2012
Enabling communication is vital in families of deaf children
The Guardian, Comment is Free – 15th January 2012
Give deaf people the chance to use video relay services
The Guardian, Society Blog – 1st November 2011
An alarm clock that’s loud enough for deaf people
The Guardian, G2 – 16th October 2011
Bristol’s Deaf community feel under seige
The Guardian, Comment is Free – 15th September 2012
Why Angry Boys’ puerile deaf kid is my hero
The Guardian, G2 – 8th August 2012
Not all deaf people want to be ‘fixed’
The Guardian, Comment is Free – 5th August 2011
Cinemas are letting deaf people down
The Guardian, Comment is Free – 23rd May 2011
‘Sign language is part of our identity’
The Guardian, Family – 14th May 2011
Royal wedding: William said ‘you look lovely.’ Or did he?
The Guardian, Comment is Free – 1st May 2011
TV property porn is out of synch
The Guardian, Comment is Free – 11th March 2011
Academy schools are worrying for deaf pupils
The Guardian, Comment is Free – 31st January 2011
The pigs that love to eat, er, willies
The Guardian G2 – January 2011
When it comes to parenting, fathers are not an optional extra
The Guardian, Comment is Free – December 2010
For deaf people, Tribes is, finally, the real deal
The Guardian – Comment is Free, November 2010

BBC Ouch!

Why Facebook has become so important to the sign language community
BBC News/Ouch, January 2016

Has The Tribe changed what a deaf film can be?
BBC News/Ouch, May 2015
Viewpoint – Why is IS featuring deaf people in a video?
BBC News / Ouch, March 2015
Lesser known things about deafness
BBC Ouch, August 2014
The things that happen to a hearing-aid wearing Dad!
BBC Ouch, 10th February 2012
Charlie’s Lipreading Challenge
BBC Ouch – 20th April 2011
The deaf comedy divide in our living room – a tribute to Leslie Nielsen
BBC Ouch – 6th January 2011
The Deaf Tax
BBC Ouch, October 2010
City v Countryside
BBC Ouch, August 2010
Signing with my baby
BBC Ouch, June 2010
You know you’re deaf when…
BBC Ouch, 20th April 2010
Deaf World Online
BBC Ouch! 1st March 2010
Bring on the Palantypist
BBC Ouch! 11th January 2010
Subtitles for Life
BBC Ouch! 15th December 2009
Listen with Father
BBC Ouch! 9th November 2009
Texting 999
BBC Ouch! 22nd September 2009
Growing up at the Deaf Club
BBC Ouch! 17th July 2009
The Great Digital Switch Off
BBC Ouch! 12th June 2009
Talking the Talk
BBC Ouch! 20th April 2009
The best of the sign language web
BBC Ouch! 27th February 2009
Interpreting my daughter’s birth
BBC Ouch! 23rd January 2009
Charlie’s Subtitle Diary
BBC Ouch! 17th November 2008
Noises in the Deaf of Night
BBC Ouch! 27th October 2008
The Sign of the Fat Man
BBC Ouch! 29th September 2008
Waiting for Baby
BBC Ouch! 13th August 2008
The Dog Ate my Hearing Aids
BBC Ouch! 9th July 2008
What’s your Sign Name?
BBC Ouch! 18th June 2008
Sound Proof: Sign M for Murder
BBC Ouch! 10th July 2006
A deaf TV Takeover?
BBC Ouch! 29th March 2006
Deafness, Music and Me
BBC Ouch! 14th February 2006
The Love Filter
BBC Ouch! 24th November 2005

The Limping Chicken

Read my latest Limping Chicken articles by clicking here.

What it’s like to record a podcast when you’re deaf
January 2015
Is there such a thing as a Deafdar?
November 2013
Do you make a hearing aid test sound?
July 2013
The 10 annoying habits of hearing people
May 2013
The 10 annoying habits of deaf people
July 2013
Do hearing people fake their sneezes?
April 2013


What it’s like to be a deaf parent
June 2013
The rise and rise of the stay-at-home dad
April 2013
Why fathers should read to their children
March 2013
My 10 most embarrassing fatherhood moments
January 2013
Raising kids: Country vs City
October 2012

The Arts Desk

Globe to Globe: Love’s Labour’s Lost, Shakespeare’s Globe
Wednesday 23rd May 2012

Deaf Dad (for Limping Chicken)

Becoming a name hunter, to help my daughter settle in at her new nursery
11th April 2013
Why fathers should read with their children &
10 great books to read with your kids
14th March 2013
The importance of knowing where your child’s favourite cuddly toy is
22nd February 2013
My 10 most embarrassing dad moments
4th January 2013
Settling in oop north, and watching our kids change
12th October 2012
50/50 theory 
6th July 2012
The digital world vs the real world
21st June 2012
When my kids surprised (and outwitted) me
13th June 2012
Moving on
18th May 2012
What changes when a baby arrives?
3rd May 2012
The ill day
20th April 2012
Discovering vinyl music with my daughter
29th March 2012
Our ‘deaf’ baby is becoming ‘hearing’
22nd March 2012
Flindy Dondy and Tinky Tonky
14th March 2012
Deaf fathers need equal access to pregnancy information
8th March 2012
Finding the monkey
29th February 2012
The First Day
22nd February 2012

Action on Hearing Loss Magazine

Book reviews: Wonderstruck, The Salt-Stained Book
Action on Hearing Loss magazine, February 2012

Disability Arts Online

Review: Love’s Labour’s Lost at Shakespeare’s Globe
May 2012
Review: Deafinitely Theatre’s Gold Dust
March 2012
Review: Rita Simons – My daughter, deafness and me
March 2012
Review: Deafinitely Theatre’s 4Play
February 2012
Preview: Graeae’s Reasons To Be Cheerful
February 2012
Preview: Deaf Teens: Hearing World
February 2012
Theatre review: Mike Leigh’s ‘Grief’
January 2012
My Song: Diary of a scriptwriter
June 2011

The Hearing Times

Interview with Claire Braden, director of BBC3′s Deaf Teens: Hearing World
Hearing Times, February 2012

Interview with ‘That Deaf Guy’ cartoonist Matt Daigle
Hearing Times, January 2012
Interview with Phil Clapp, Chief Executive of the Cinema Exhibitors Association
Hearing Times, November 2011
Review: Sencity London
Hearing Times, November 2011
Deaf people are only just beginning to see where the cuts will fall
Hearing Times, October 2011
Deaf mother campaigns for tougher sentences for dangerous drivers
Hearing Times, October 2011
Film shows how Chinese deaf people were told acupuncture cured deafness
Hearing Times, September 2011
Film review: The End
Hearing Times, July 2011
Interview with Ted Evans, director of ‘The End’
Hearing Times, July 2011
Writing My Song: Diary of a Scriptwriter
Hearing Times, June 2011
Review: Deaf Sisterhood
Hearing Times, June 2011
Interview with Cathy Heffernan, producer of Deaf Sisterhood
Hearing Times, June 2011
Award-winning website for deaf cinema-goers under threat
Hearing Times, April 2011
Interview with Joe Collins from JC Promotions
Hearing Times, April 2011
Theatre review: Deafinitely Theatre’s ‘4Play’
Hearing Times, March 2011
Interview with Signing Choir’s Laura Goldberg
Hearing Times, November 2010
The day I beat the audiologist
Hearing Times, October 2010
Theatre review: ‘Tribes’ at the Royal Court
Hearing Times, October 2010
Film Review: The Killer Inside Me
Hearing Times, July 2010
Interview with Stephen Collins, deaf filmmaker
Hearing Times, July 2010
Theatre Review: Posh (Royal Court)
Hearing Times, June 2010
Interview with deaf playwright Aliya Gulamani
Hearing Times, June 2010
Film Review: Kick Ass
Hearing Times, May 2010
Why, for deaf people, the simplest innovations were often the best
Hearing Times, May 2010
How good is hearing direct?
Hearing Times, April 2010
Film Review: Father of my Children
Hearing Times, April 2010
My first job interview
Hearing Times, March 2010
Film Review: A Prophet
Hearing Times, March 2010

BBC Webwise

Websites for Dads
BBC Webwise, 4th November 2011
A beginner’s guide to cricket
BBC Webwise, 1st September 2011
How the internet can help you with DIY
BBC Webwise, 21st July 2011
In the back of the net: football websites
BBC Webwise, 13th May 2011
A Guide to Disability Websites
BBC Webwise, March 2011
How the internet can help you make films
BBC Webwise, February 2011


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