After joining the BBC Writer’s Room last year, I created a storyline for Eastenders which leads to the introduction of the character of Frankie, the show’s first deaf character, appearing on screen in Spring 2020. I’m also currently writing for Casualty, CBBC and CBeebies.

MY SONG (2011)
24 mins
C&B Films / BSLBT, Film 4/Community Channel
Director: William Mager
A coming of age story which follows Ellen, a young deaf girl stuck in the middle of the deaf and hearing worlds. Feeling as though she doesn’t fit in, Ellen learns sign language, attempting to enter the deaf world by taking part in a sign song competition in London. However Ellen is about to find her journey more difficult than she first thought.
My Song premiered on the Community Channel and Film Four (on UK digital TV) on 23rd May 2011. It can be seen in full online at http://www.bslbt.co.uk/programmes/my-song/
Actors: Lara Steward, Cassie Raine, Daryl Jackson, David Hay, Will Dunn, Linda Richards
Awards: Best short film, Deaf in the Picture (Amsterdam) 2011, Best actress, Clin d’Oeil (Reims, France) 2011, Shown at Brighton International Festival 2011, Adelaide Film Festival (Australia) 2015.
Reviews: DaDa South, ITV SignPost, D-PAN Interview, I look so I can hear (blog),

DEPARTURE LOUNGE (2009) 1 x 30 mins
BSLBT/Mutt and Jeff PicturesFilm 4/Community Channel
Director: Louis Neethling

‘Departure Lounge’ is about two deaf men who become friends in hospital, one a terminally ill pensioner, the other a disillusioned teenage porter. At different stages of their life, their friendship gives them hope for the future when they consider the possibility of a “deaf heaven.”
Actors: Hal Draper, David Sands, Abi Gorman, Patsy Palmer
Awards: Merit Award, SuperFest – Berkeley, California, USA (2011), Best Film of Festival, Deaffest Film Festival – Wolverhampton, UK (2010), Best Short Film, Ippocampus Ciak – Milan, Italy (2010), Audience Choice Award, Ippocampus Ciak – Milan, Italy (2010)

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 11.40.05MINE (2013, theatre)
25 minutes

Deafinitely Theatre
When Annie, who is Deaf, meets Sam, who is hearing, in a cafe, the conversation is tense and awkward. Sam can’t sign and Annie can’t lipread him. Why are they meeting? And can they find a connection? Meanwhile, Annie’s husband Roy is ill and he’s getting worse. What can we read into his visions? This play was researched with the help of the British Association of Adoption and Fostering, and was shown as part of Deafinitely Theatre’s scriptwriting showcase, 4Play. Mine featured projection, multimedia and voiceover.
Director: Jeni Draper
Actors: Jean St Clair, John Wilson, Chris Kelham
Reviews: Stage and Sign, Deaf Capital

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 11.45.26

90 mins
Deafinitely Theatre

‘Lipstick & Lollipops’ follows Isabel, a Deaf teenager who moves to London with her mother. Unsettled, Isabel rebels by escaping to a late night party. As the night unfolds, Isabel confronts the past she has been hiding for so long. Toured the UK and had a two-week London run at the Drill Hall Theatre.
Director: Paula Garfield 
Actors: Diana Martin, Charley Arrowsmith, David Sands, Chris Curran, Hannah Timms
Reviews: Disability Now, BBC Ouch

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