Found in Love

(Juggle Productions/BSL Zone)
28 mins, 2016
In the latest in the Found series of documentaries, three Deaf people explain how falling in love led to finding a new way of life in the Deaf community.
Festival screenings: Together Film Festival (London) 2016

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 16.32.25Found in the UK

(Juggle Productions/BSL Zone)
28 mins, 2016
Three Deaf people tell their personal stories about coming to the UK and discovering their Deaf identity and a new community in the UK.
Festival screenings: Together Film Festival (London) 2016.

(Juggle Productions/BSL Zone)
28 mins, 2015
Three Deaf people tell their personal stories about their Deaf identity, the day they first discovered sign language and with it, a whole new community.
Behind the scenes film (made by Fifi Garfield)
Awards: Award of Merit, Documentary Short, Accolade Film Festival, 2016.
Festival screenings: Ilkley Literature Festival 2015, New Zealand Deaf Short Film Festival 2015, Together Disability Film Festival (London) 2015, Picture This Disability Film Festival 2016 (Canada), Argentina International Deaf Cinema Festival 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 14.34.10Small World Profile Clips (BSL Zone)
6 x 3-6 mins, 2015
I directed these six clips  which were released just before the broadcast of four new episodes of this sitcom. The clips gave the audience a chance to meet the five main actors in Small World, as well as watch a clip explaining how it is written in BSL, featuring the creators and director of the series.
Watch the clips on one page by clicking here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 16.21.34Small World: Behind the Scenes (BSL Zone)
6 mins, 2014
Find out all about the making of the world’s first Deaf sitcom, performed in BSL, in this short film, which I self-shot and edited to a musical soundrack. We see the actors and crew in rehearsals and filming on set, where they talk about improvising the script.
Watch this film by clicking here.


I have worked for the BBC, Channel 4 and the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust, as well as making programmes for production companies Juggle Productions,  Mutt & Jeff Pictures and Flashing Lights Media.

In 2010, I was scriptwriter/producer for the BSL Zone’s first series of Wicked, writing presenters links and researching elements of the show (made by Flashing Lights Media).

From 2006-2007 I worked as a researcher for the BBC’s See Hear programme, self-shooting VTs for broadcast on BBC2.

Other researching credits include the BBC3 series Freaky Eaters and Spendaholics, (2006) as well as the Channel 4 youth series Teen Life: Live Now, Pay Later (all for Betty TV).

My first job in television was as a researcher for Channel 4’s Deaf magazine series Vee-TV, where the highlight was filming in Brazil for the documentary The Greatest Show in the World, which saw a Deaf dancer perform in the Rio Carnival (all for Maverick TV).

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