To contact me, email: c.swinbourne@gmail.com

I am an award-winning filmmaker, writing and directing dramas, comedies and documentaries.

I am also a journalist, writing for publications such as the Guardian and BBC Online, and editing The Limping Chicken, my own news and opinion website.

Much of my work focuses on Deaf culture – drawing on my experiences as a Deaf person who grew up in a Deaf family, while also being part of the mainstream world.

I’ve appeared discussing Deaf issues on  BBC Breakfast News, BBC World Service, BBC Trending,   Watchdog, BBC London, on the BBC Ouch podcast and on Radio 4.

Writing and directing

I’ve written and directed a number of award-winning dramas and comedies featuring Deaf characters in sign language.

Last year, I directed my first documentary, called Found, about Deaf people finding the Deaf world.

In 2014, I wrote and directed the half-hour comedy Four Deaf Yorkshiremen go to Blackpool which aired on Film 4.

I also wrote and directed The Kiss, an award-winning 7 minute short which was selected for Bradford International Film Festival and has since won international awards.

I also wrote the award-winning half-hour dramas My Song (2011) and Departure Lounge (2009) for the BSL Zone,  the UK Film Council funded Hands Solo (2009) mini series The Fingerspellers (2010) and two shorts that gained over 200,000 views each on YouTube: Coming Out (which won an ITV Writers award in 2008) and my directing debut, Four Deaf Yorkshiremen (2007).


I am the Editor of the world’s most popular Deaf blog,  The Limping Chicken (where I broke the worldwide story of the ‘fake interpreter’).

I’ve written for the Guardian, the Mirror and BBC Ouch, and I’ve appeared on  BBC Breakfast News, BBC World Service, BBC Trending and on Radio 4.


  1. Loved the movie made me cry. I am also caught in between. It is very lonely not to be accepted by either the hearing or the deaf. Thank you for making My Song.


  2. That is me definitely, caught between deaf and hearing world, I have suffered for years so I know it only too well.


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