Subtitle FAIL ruins tonight’s Young Apprentice final for deaf and hard of hearing viewers. Gutted.

My wife and I watched the whole series of Young Apprentice up to tonight’s final. Being deaf we rely on the subtitles, so we were more than a bit gutted when tonight’s subtitles were live, instead of pre recorded, and ran with a massive delay… ruining the programme. Here’s my video showing what live subtitles are like.


  1. It’s terrible isn’t it…I’ve noticed it’s getting increasingly worse with more and more programmes being subtitled like this, even those that are not live. I just find myself going to bed earlier and earlier because it’s getting impossible to watch TV anymore. My wife, who has hearing, will enjoy remarks made on tv and then look over to me to share in the moment or comment on it, only to find I have no idea what she is referring to and the whole flow of the evening is separate and broken.

    Maybe it satisfies the broadcaster’s legal requirements but practically it doesn’t satisfy us.

    We need to force broadcaster management into a room and make them watch subtitled tv all day with the sound off, see how they like it !

  2. I totally agree with the above commenter. They ought to watch without sound if they think what they do is good standard. If they cannot watch without sound and with subtitles, because they don’t enjoy it. Then they need to think then thats exactly as we feel.

    License fees should be reduced I think, to compensate for what we loose out on.

    I have certainly been in a situation several times myself, where I could not laugh at somethng that my boyfriend did, because i did not see it in the subtiltles.

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