Missing apostrophe is a “is a choice linked to design and style,” say BDA

I wrote a post last week about the BDA’s new logo in which I also featured some of the Twitter responses to the new images that deaf people will choose from.

Something that stood out straight away for many people was the lack of an apostrophe in the phrase ‘Deaf Peoples Organisation’ that lies beneath the logo. The apostrophe is present and correct in the text on the BDA’s homepage, but not on the images beside it.

The charity have responded, (thanks to @Deaf for tweeting this) clarifying that: “The missing apostrophe is not a grammatical error; it is a choice linked to design and style.”

They also say that the phrase beneath the logo is not, as it appears, a strapline:

“Deaf Peoples Organisation” is not the strapline, it is part of the logo – we are currently working on an appropriate strapline which we will show to our members at the upcoming BDA conference on 26th November in Belfast.”


  1. I’m usually a stickler for the correct use of apostrophes, but I wonder whether it’s an outdated punctuation. It’s so often misused. There’s even the term “greengrocers’ apostrophe”, for its erroneous use. Doesn’t the context tell you who or what possesses the thingamy? And just think of the space it would save if there were no apostrophes in the world. And what about the huffing and puffing energy it would save if pedants like us didn’t have an apostrophe axe to grind

  2. if they are trying to convey the diversity of the community then surely it should be DEAF PEOPLES’ ORGANISATION?

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