Sign film for Radio 4’s ‘Dragonfly’ – what do you think?

I really enjoyed the Radio 4 play ‘Dragonfly’ this week, with great writing from Katie Hims and fantastic vocal performances from deaf actors David Bower and Sophie Woolley. The story is about a deaf man who’s coming to terms with his past. I listened while reading the transcript which is handily available on the site.

There’s also a sign film, featuring the whole play in sign language. I’m interested to know what people think about this – can you follow the whole story? Is it something radio should be doing much more often? Let me know.


  1. Having a laff aint ya ? radio ? erm.. right ! signed but no no captions ? no wonder the x-rated it……. not for wider viewing.

  2. @MM why dont u quit trolling round web being negative on others sites n keep it on ur own sad miseryfest of a website. play is on radio – transcripted n signed and you still moan. get a life man.

  3. The films are an experiment and we are working with the BBC to develop the idea . We hope that many more performers will be accessed to them , and also that as we produce more they will become slicker .

    The reason for them is access , and showing a great language / using signtheatre …There is so much beautiful writing on the radio ….

    We couldnt subtite this one because the BSl and the Engish was difficult to match up , and a third element of captioning right onto it we felt would have made confusing for BSL users . So we had to choose .

    I agree everyone is doing their best ,but everything cannot be for everyone Long live diversity and innovation ! . And let’s stay positive for sure !!!
    Isolte Avila @ SDC

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